Upcoming Events

We publicize our events here for information purposes only.  Please note that all of the clean up dives that we perform are potentially dangerous. Proper training and experience is a must.  Please contact Henry for further information on joining a clean up event if you are interested. We appreciate your understanding.

Lake of the Wood Clean Up

The clean up dive will be one dive at Lake of the Woods in Hope. We Likely will have some food with the folks who invites us every year. Last year we

  • Lake of the Woods

Cates Park clean up

Meet at Cates Park at 4:30 -4:45pm. At the dock. One tank dive.

  • Cates Park

Whistler Clean Up

We are back to Whistler again at the invitation of Kimiko. The clean up dive is on the morning of June 22nd at 9am. I am not sure of the lake yet. We

  • Lost Lake, Whistler

Past Events