Les Newman

I am the old guy, having learned to dive late in life. Since my first open water dives I have been enthralled by what we can experience underwater. Now as a PADI Course Director, my love of diving has not diminished, but my heart breaks when I drop onto a reef and see it coated in fishing nets or find the bottom of an otherwise pristine lake covered in bottles, cans, spare tires and junk. Langley Diving is committed to a cleaner environment underwater for everyone, My customers, staff and I are committed to leaving our waterways in better condition than we found them. Are we making a difference? The optimist would say every bottle we recycle is one less bottle contaminating our environment. The pessimist would say for every one we pick up many more are dumped in. The realist says, we are doing what we can. We dive and clean. We educate. We speak up. To do anything less would abrogate our right to even dive in the oceans in the first place. I stand with Henry, Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans and other organizations who mobilize divers to protect our watery world.