• Event Time:
  • Location: Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Wood Clean Up

The clean up dive will be one dive at Lake of the Woods in Hope. We Likely will have some food with the folks who invites us every year. Last year we went to one of the volunteer’s house. Afterwards, there are several options:

1. You can just do the clean up dive and head home.
2. I plan to head up Hwy 1 toward Lytton. There are three rustic camping options near Boston Bar, plus a Provincial Park camp site. I plan on staying two nights, coming home Monday afternoon. Everyone is welcome to stay for one night and head home on Sunday or if you feel up to it, stay two nights!

Henry Wang

Going for dives with good friends is always a lot of fun. Going for dives AND doing something great for the environment just adds a big bonus to the day! This is a great way for me to keep active in the dive community and hopefully it will contribute to making our corner of the world just a little better than how we found it.

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