• Event Time:
  • Location: Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake clean up

Going to clean a different area of Cultus. Apparently there use to be a marina there decades ago. People rafted up and partied a lot. There has been rumours of garbage. Meet at the lake at 9:00am. People looking to carpool can meet at my house at 7:30am. This is the location we are meeting at: 49.060056, -121.964833
This is the email from Rob Wilson: HI Henry. Confirming that November 20th will work for me for the cleanup event. See you at Entrance Bay Day Use (access gate is about 150M S of my office gate) in Cultus Lake Park at 9am. I will open the gate and set you guys up to start, then go get the boat and get it in the water. I’m pretty sure you will find swimming to the first areas that need cleanup is a breeze; and I’ll have the boat for after the first swim. I will also have the junior derby team members show up starting at 10:00 or so. We can give them a crash course in weighing the garbage and counting and sorting it out when they arrive.

Henry Wang

Going for dives with good friends is always a lot of fun. Going for dives AND doing something great for the environment just adds a big bonus to the day! This is a great way for me to keep active in the dive community and hopefully it will contribute to making our corner of the world just a little better than how we found it.

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