• Event Time:
  • Location: Cates Park

Cates Park Clean Up

Some of you may remember this from last year. My friend Deavah Sawyer (pronounced Dee-Ahh-Vah) is hosting her son’s annual clean up. What a fun thing to do. This is her event page https://www.facebook.com/events/516491618489986/

Last year we took out the boat. I believe that’s it for the larger garbage. So this year, there should’t be anymore boats. We will just go after little things. Phew.

Meet there at 1pm. You will need to let me know who is attending because apparently we are getting some parking passes. Please car pool as space is limited.

Lots of food and such provided by the host.

Henry Wang

Going for dives with good friends is always a lot of fun. Going for dives AND doing something great for the environment just adds a big bonus to the day! This is a great way for me to keep active in the dive community and hopefully it will contribute to making our corner of the world just a little better than how we found it.